DB Longboards

DB Longboards is a rider owned and operated longboard company residing in Washington State. The extensive network of winding paved roads that navigates the rugged and mountainous topography of the Pacific Northwest has been the inspiration that drives the riders and board technicians here at DB to continually develop and refine longboards for every discipline of riding. With unique aesthetics and fresh, functional designs, we have differentiated ourselves from the hordes of boards available on the market today and are excited to offer some of the most innovative and distinctive longboards around.

The crew here at DB is proud to manufacture every board in house from start to finish. This means that every deck we sell has gone through rigorous quality control and has never left the careful supervision of our expert production team. We use sustainable materials and practices every step of the way as part of our commitment to building long lasting, high performance boards.

Lamination: Every DB deck is laminated individually which means that your board will be very tight in tolerance to the original curvatures of the mold. Our glue is also low VOC, nontoxic and allows us to use an eco-friendly water-based clean up. This specially designed emulsion glue gives us a tight, even bond that ensures that our boards will maintain predictable flex and a long lifespan.

Shaping and Drilling: Our boards are shaped with diligent care, by hand, one by one. Each board is precisely drilled as a blank to ensure the most precise possible placement of the truck mounting holes. Once drilling is completed the boards are shaped and sanded before receiving a strict quality control inspection and moving on to finishing.

Finishing: The final stage of production for a DB longboard is an even coat of sealant and finish. Each board is sprayed in a clean air approved spray booth which filters 99% of excess particulates from our exhaust air. Our sealants are UV protectant, highly water resistant and provide and eco-friendly finish that is second to none.

Here at DB we strive to minimize our effect on the environment and have a deep-seated commitment to sustainable business practices. To limit our consumption of hardwoods we have integrated bamboo into many of our boards. Our glues and sealants are all low VOC and nontoxic, which reduces our impact on our local air and water systems. We also recycle every one of our blank off cuts as well as all plastics and other byproducts that are a result of our manufacturing processes.