Started in the mid 90's while Brian Petrie was working at PSNY Skateshop in 6th and west 4th in NYC. The first official Earthwing deck was made in his apartment in April of 1998. It was ac arver wrapped in s-glass, Baltic birch top and bottom veneers, v-lam balsa core, and even some thin woven stainless steel fabric of all things. Then, in 2003, The first Kevlar / carbon/ birch Supercharger prototype was riden by Ian Nichols who won on their first time out at the infamous "Broadway Bomb" race. That deck was unlike anything anyone had seen at the time. At that time you didn't see many production drop through decks, especially any with a detailed thought out construction like that. Their products have value. Earthwing now using Superballs wheels designed specifically for different disciplines - from slide, to speed, to smooth drifty goodness, we have you covered.