Fibretec Skateboards

Fibretec Skateboards – from Skaters for Skaters
„Quality handmade in Switzerland“ is what the simple and yet notable screen print says on the side of the Fibretec boards as a symbol of all effort put into the development and production of the worlwide known boards.
New compositions, materials and processes are developed and tested daily. Each and every step in the process is the consequence of lots of thought, not only to achieve the expected Swiss precision but mostly so that the end consumer gets a high quality board with the best properties for the desired ride, which he will be able to skate for an entire lifetime.
From skaters to skaters is the reigning philosophy, visible not only in the workshop but specially in the team of co-workers. Almost as an uniform everyone wears wide clothes, baseball caps and of course the language includes much slang. We're all skaters, surfers and snowboarders trying hard every day to get even more joy off our product. There is always something to change and our best buddies Trial & Error really help out so that every idea is ripe in the shortest possible time.
There are many examples for that and one of the best is most certainly the high-grade fibreglass developed by boss Reinke and his supplier.
Our philosophy is also notable in everyday life in and around the workshop. There is always something going on and only very rarely we don't have visitors. There are always team riders, skaters from closeby and far away such as distributors and event organizers from Europe and all around the world coming by.
Everyone has an opinion and brings feedback, which we praise very much. At last, everyone can have a custom board laid out as desired, it doesn't care if we can produce it in series or not. The possibilities are infinite and range from the graphics to the shape and its constitution. Almost everything is customizable, since every skater is unique as well.
With lots of passion, modesty and hard working hours Fibretec Skateboards made it across the world and shared the stoke in almost every continent. We thank our team riders very much for their best performances in competitions all around the planet. Thanks to them the world knows Fibretec Skateboards and our philosophy.