Loaded Freeride Gloves v7.0

Aug 27, 2015

With years of development and testing, we are proud to announce the release of the Loaded Freeride Gloves Version 7.0. These new and improved Freeride Gloves have been improperly tested in every single scenario a person may encounter. This video features just a few examples of our prototyping process. Overview: • 3 sizes including youth- and female-friendly sizing • UHMW palm and thumb pucks and hard plastic finger pucks • Reflective accents ensure visibility on low-light excursions • Coolmax® lining and vented mesh for comfort • Cordura® / Kevlar® / synthetic suede / Lycra® outer construction for durability • Poron XRD® palm padding (same material used in G-Form protective gear) and viscoelastic foam knuckle pad for protection

New Loaded clip part 2

Oct 2, 2014

This clip features the Orangatang wheels and is also a little guide for you.

Check it out, and decide which wheels are your favorite.



New Loaded clip part 1

Oct 2, 2014

Check out this new Loaded clip featuring the Dervish Sama.



Chubby Unicorn Test Review

Sep 24, 2014

Street Fighter - Steven Vera on the Boombox38 ThermoGlass

Sep 15, 2014

Style Is Created, Not Mandated || Steven Vera's original nickname when he came onto the team was the 'hammer' because his main job was to help us test the strength of our MaestroPRO prototypes. His flat ground, longboard style was unconventional. "Who does that sh_t.." people asked. "I do," said Steven and he kept skating the way he enjoyed and the way that came natural to him. He put his headphones on and he did what was fun for him. He proved that despite any amount of haters and weak conformists, a confident kid in New York can go a long way if he sticks to his craft. In Europe and Asia, Steven's style struck a chord with skaters and longboarders not jaded by the pop-skate-culture hate that has agitated the sport here in the US. His style has inspired riders in many places he's never been, but perseverance will take you places. As we write this video description Steven is on a plane for the Bustin Asia Tour with stops in Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing where a welcoming skate community has coined his Chinese nickname as 'Street Fighter'. Be true. Skate For Fun.

New Bustin video

Sep 2, 2014

Check out his new clip from the boys at Bustin Boards. There is some serious skatin in this clip, and it´s all filmed in Paris.



New S1 Clip out

Aug 12, 2014

Check out this new clip from the S1 Teamriders.


New Bustin clip

Apr 30, 2014

Exploring Madrid, Spain with Bustin Team Rider Toti Bicicleta and the new 2014 Boombox Series. Throughout the video Toti flips back and forth between the light and lively Boombox 38" ThermoGlass edition and the stiff and speed ready Boombox 42" ThermoCarbon edition. Enjoy the video and learn more about the Boombox Series at www.BustinBoards.com.

About the boards...

Boombox 38" ThermoGlass Edition -
Everyone asked for a smaller Boombox and we came through in a major way. The new 38" Boombox is more trickable and all around more lively. Constructed with our new ThermoGlass layup featuring four individual layers of recyclable fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple.

Boombox 42" ThermoCarbon Edition -

The BoomboxPRO retained the length of the original Boombox but has been beefed up with a more functional freeride design. It also sports our new ThermoCarbon layup featuring four individual layers of recycled Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple.

Resource Distribution: Foreign Exchange Europe 2013 - Skate Episode 2

Apr 24, 2014

Welcome to episode #2 from our fabulous trip across Europe for Foreign Exchange.
We begin this edit in Paris and continue into Lyon, then onward into Marseille. Bowls, banks, hips, parks and curbs got ripped along the way!  Watch as Amanda Powell, Brian Peck, James West, Kody Noble, Ari Chamasmany and some new friends make some great memories on the road and get down on their skateboards in the streets of Europe.
Stay tuned for the 3rd and final Episode featuring skating in the Pyrenees, Barcelona, and Brussels!

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