Ambition full length video Sava

Nov 26, 2015

Ambition Snowskates proudly presents SAVA, our sixth full-length snowskate video. RIDERS Alan Gerlach, David Engerer, Josh Oakes, COSD, Phil Smage, Jensen Fisker, Phil Moreau, Roby Gobeil, Zack Alworden, Jake Boss, Chuck Dion, Eric Fryc, Mathias Fortier, Austin Welter, James Cybulski, Kyle Kearns, Ande Burman, Jeremy Manson, Gui Blais, Alex Blais, Ti-Dan Routhier, Dan Bergeon and more.

Alan Gerlach´s new Part

Nov 16, 2015

If you saw their last movie Ten you’ll know these guys mean business in the streets, without bindings. The Ambition snow skate crew has been working on their new movie SAVA, a two year project which premiered earlier this month and it’s madness. Say what you will about snowskating, but there’s no denying Alan Gerlach is a boss. His full part is stacked with bangers that will make you say WTF? Gerlach handles a slew of features including massive kinks, drops, a series of staircases, and he even closes things out at the infamous Red Ledge. Gerlach is hails from Minneapolis, but currently lives in a 1991 Subaru Loyale; that’s rad if you ask us. Check out Alan’s full part here.

Hit the link below.

Ambition SAVA Snowskate Teaser

Oct 26, 2015

Snowskate teaser for Ambition's sixth full-length video release dropping this November. Starring Alan Gerlach, David Engerer, Josh Oakes, Charles-O. Simard, Phil Smage, Zack Alworden, Phil Moreau, Chuck Dion, Austin Welter, Mathias Fortier, Eric Fryc, Kyle Kearns, Ande Burman, Jake Boss, Gui Blais, Jamie Cybulski, Jensen Fisker, Roby Gobeil, Dan Routhier and more!

Ambition clip

Nov 10, 2014

Snowskates are nothing new, but these dudes are blurring the snowboarding/skateboarding line. Flip ins and outs of hubbas and rails? Kickflips down stairs and inward heelflips out of tail presses.

Check out this clip:

Ambition Snowskates

Oct 23, 2012

Teaser for our fourth full-length flick "Safari Time" starring Alan Gerlach, Josh Seguin, COSD, Zack Alworden, Chance Huguey, Mathias Fortier, Chuck Dion, Phil Moreau, Taras Ryabokon, Austin Welter, Evan Ciniello, Jamie Cybulski, David Engerer and many more. Available for free November 2012.